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Currency conversion and travel card help? AUD to USD

Hi everyone, I have a holiday to the US booked for later this year. The majority of flights and accommodation are paid for so I really only have my spending money that I need to worry about. As per my title, I don't know what to do with the money. I'll explain my situation.
I would like to convert my money now, before the AUD falls even further against the USD (really wish I converted my money months ago). I've read up about where to convert currencies, and people have suggested United Currency Exchange stores, Currencyfair.com and OzForex.
I haven't organised anything money wise for my holiday (e.g. travel card), so I did some research on this sub, and I'm really keen on getting a Citibank Plus account + debit card over other options such as travel cards etc.
My issue is that the Citibank account seems to be in AUD and converts to USD when you make purchases (during my holiday when the exchange rate is likely to be worse).
If I want to convert my AUD right now, where would this money be stored, and could I keep those USD dollars in the Citibank account?
Think of this as a /explainlikeimfive question about spending money overseas haha.
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